Michael Gray and Brett Tabke Getting Involved in Social Media

by admin on August 14, 2009


Getting Involved in Social Media

Michael Gray and Brett Tabke at SES San Jose August 2009

Brett Tabke: This is Record Unit SES San Jose joining Mr. Michael Gay of Atlas Web Services. Thanks for joining us Michael.

Michael Gray: Thank you Brett Tabke.

Brett Tabke: So what were you talking about the SES issue?

Michael Gray: I had been talking about some tools for social media monitoring and tracking that what is the stuff.

Brett Tabke: What’s new?

Michael Gray: You know there is a lot of this stuff, where people are trying stuff before its you know people trying to get the lion’s share of what everybody is talking about, but there are a lot of interesting services that are out there. You know there are some people who are experimenting with videos and pictures and that’s what the stuff that I think its as I suggest them, all some variation in there.

Brett Tabke: You know a year ago, we were talking about if a twitter can make it you know and there were talking how bigger it is going to get and you know these are moments that’s going to get too big, you know.
Michael Gray: It’s a hard thing that really kind of, I think that they are here to stay for, you know, at least a short-term in the next couple of years, you know, beyond that its hard to say anything in internet time but there definitely, you know, they are pretty in growing now to see more like all the major phone company commercials they are all integrating it as part of their play pitch.

Brett Tabke: Yeah, popping up on TV shows, it is almost kind the same way Google tipped, you know 6-7 years ago, when they finally tipped over. What else is new in social media, you know, we get a recent FriendFeed, is it just a blog on face book, those are having any impact at all.
Michael Gray: It depends on how they integrate it. If they are going to keep things kind of separate, there is a lot of tremendous amount of SEO value because everything out at FriendFeed is sort of, not everything is followed, so there is just not any SEO value. There is someone big who is a big networker when he is using FriendFeed and they may have a lot of followers that they tweet out, they can definitely drive some traffic, if they are going to integrate it in, you know, it may who knows what’s going to happen at that point and how they are going that because again the Facebook at least don’t get, they don’t get followed out but still they can probably, they can drive a decent amount of traffic because it is a much bigger network.

Brett Tabke: Right, right. It is a fairly pretty paining for it as it sounded like from the press releases, you know, I didn’t get many credence until pretty much, all my friends started following the FriendFeed.

Michael Gray: Yeah, I get, the FriendFeed, I just never kind of get into, it’s a very, very hard thing to manage. You think it’s a good idea just combining everybody’s their Flickr, their Youtube, their twitter feeds, and everything better, you have a couple of active people and you think that it just becomes this fire-hose of information and if you’ve only got a certain amount of time to put it in a day, it just can be really overwhelming.

Brett Tabke: This just like me trying to follow back everyone follows me on twitter, follow 20,000 and you just can’t follow it.

Michael Gray: Exactly, when you get into that level of numbers, you really, you know, you dip in your total and then you come back out of water just rushing by.
Brett Tabke: So is the social media revolution over it.

Michael Gray: Um, yeah, I do think it’s less of a buzz. I don’t think it’s every going to go away. One of the things that I think a lot of people a kind of miss from all this is fair that is going to go away but everybody only has a certain amount of attention during a day. They have only have so many hours a day that they can devote to whatever they working or they are not working or whatever their pleasure is, and if you are not part and a lot of them are taking part in that social space and if you are not participating there, there is less attention for you to actually get and that’s where I think people just kind of miss the boat.

Brett Tabke: Yeah. We talked a little bit about SEO just through social media but I see the buzz here at the conflicts about SEO, you say there is no buzz; that it’s almost like….

Michael Gray: It’s almost tag, yeah, it’s a lot of time it’s kind of become flat. I know Google just really set you in that same box, I think if you are calling it. You know, I felt a little bit a time to look at it. It looks a little bit that even Google currently is not again, but that’s just a quick look. You know I am glad that Bings did got a lot of attention that they did and kind of they brought themselves up and that really show how it is going to take for the whole Yahoo thing to integrate in, we are probably talking a year, two years may be three years before it becomes there, so it’s hard to say how that’s going to play up but I think that all if it evens the score a little bit, that’s better for everybody in space.

Brett Tabke: Right, from 3 to 2.

Michael Gray: Yeah, its just hanging on there, just waiting for somebody else to drop out.
Brett Tabke: Yeah, that’s right. You may even give it 24 months.

We are cut out of time here. So, thanks for joining us Mike.

Michael Gray: Thank you for inviting me.

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