Michael Gray and Matt Cutts PSA don’t Hack for Links

by admin on August 14, 2009

Michael Gray and Matt Cutts at SES San Jose

Matt Cutts: Hi there, my name is Matt Cutts and I work at Google.

Michael Gray: My name is Michael Gray and my name on line is GrayWolf.

Matt Cutts: So, there are a lot of ways to get links online and there are a lot of great links to get online.

Michael Gray: We know that a lot of you are willing to get creative and sometimes you are willing to break the rules.

Matt Cutts: So, we don’t know we see eye to eye, we don’t know where there is a gray on everything, but one thing Mike and I, both agree on is that hacking sites to get links is basically pure evil.

Michael Gray: We don’t think it is that something you should do.

Matt Cutts: So, if you are prepared to go hacking to get links to your site and do all sorts of bad things, don’t be surprised if your sites gets burned in Google’s index.

Michael Gray: If you are hacking for links, your sites are going to burn in hell.

Michael Gray: and Matt Cutts: Hacking is wrong, don’t do it.

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