SES: Tapping Twitter As A Marketing Tool – Michael Gray

by admin on August 19, 2008

SES: Tapping Twitter As A Marketing Tool
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Mike McDonald: This is Mike McDonald with WebProNews. I’m with Michael Gray. We’re in sunny San Jose at the SES show and we were talking a few minutes ago about Twitter. Let’s share with everybody some of your thoughts on Twitter and how people are using this and how you can take advantage of it in your marketing
Michael Gray:: I think Twitter’s a really really interesting tool for people who are in the right sectors. It’s a short medium. Basically you’re limited to a hundred and forty characters per message, so there’s not a lot of room for marketing hype or things like planes flying over. You’ve got to kind of be direct with your audience. So you can’t really fluff around. So it’s a really really easy way for you to communicate directly with customers or people you’re trying to reach.
Mike McDonald: So what are some of the techniques? I know Todd Frison has uses the hash with TTWT to brand his twits or tweets in Google I guess for the index search. Is that something you recommend?
Michael Gray:: Those are better for events or if you’ve got isolated kind of things. Basically that’s hash tags. You want to try to keep them as short as possible so they don’t eat up into your twit space. Cuz a hundred and forty characters…cuz characters do really learn to get small. And again, learn to abbreviate. That’s another really really powerful tool. But for companies, it’s a really really powerful customer service tool. For example of who’s doing really really well with it: Jet Blue does really really well. Comcast Cares, basically run by Comcast. They have a bunch of people who sit around just basically using different monitoring tools. Surmise is one of the big search engine tools. I know Twitter just bought them. I use them. Tweet Beep. That’s another one basically that monitors people who you put in. You can put in any number of key words; you can put in user names. You can also put in full URLs. And the interesting thing is if somebody tiny URL’s your URL, it’ll send you a full link to that so you can figure out, oh okay, so this is somebody who’s mentioned me today. Is that good or bad? Is that someone I should be reaching out to or communicating with in some way?
Mike McDonald: Okay. And I know you’re excited to go try Twello, our new thing, the directory for Twitter users. You have to go check that out.
Michael Gray:: Yeah. Actually I’m going to go check that out.
Mike McDonald: It’s pretty cool. Alright man, well thanks again. Appreciate it.
Michael Gray:: Thank you.
Mike McDonald: This is Mike MacDonald with Mike Gray and we are in San Jose.

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