SMX Social Media, NYC 2007: Michael Gray

by admin on October 16, 2007

SMX Social Media, NYC 2007
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Kara Ratliff: Hi, Kara Ratliff here reporting for WebProNews at SMX Social Media in New York City. Standing here with me is Michael Gray, President of Atlas Web Service. How are you today?
Michael Gray: I’m good. Thank you. How are you?
Kara Ratliff: I’m quite well. Thank you. Michael, you just had a session, a marketers guide to social bookmarking and tagging. Tell me a little bit about the main topic that you were covering.

Michael Gray: I was mostly talking about Delicious and I tried to take the approach of understanding how it worked and then how a marketer could know the rules of the game and use them to get the most success out of any campaign that they’re trying to do.
Kara Ratfliff: Ok. And with the success, what is first step that somebody needs to look at when they are trying to have success on Delicious?
Michael Gray: I think the first thing is you really have to understand how it works. Don’t jump right in and say I’m going to push my story out is the first thing. Understand how the system works, see what’s working, do a little research. See whatever your particular industry is and see what stories are more successful. Try and find a way to give it a new spin or emulate that and see what’s working and what’s not and learn what to stay away from.
Kara Ratliff: Ok. When you are trying to research and seeing what works and what doesn’t, what’s the first step that you need to look at?
Michael Gray: Try and figure out what it is that people are tagging your site with. The words that you may use may be industry jargon and that’s not necessarily how the consumer interprets something. They are going to tag things in a way that makes the most sense to them and makes it most relevant. Even though it’s not your word, you want to try and make it so that it’s their word so that it’s the hold they’re trying to put it in.
Kara Ratliff: Ok. Tell our viewers a little bit about the Tag Cloud.
Michael Gray: The Tag Cloud basically lists the most poplular tags within Delicious. And it orders them by size. The more people who are tagging something, the bigger the tag happens to be. The less people who are tagging something, the smaller the tag happens to be. And then there’s some color indication to let it know whether it’s a tag that you’re using a lot or not.
Kara Ratliff: Ok. Is Delicious the only social bookmarking site that you actually use? Or is it your favorite? Or tell me a little bit about why you were talking specifically on Delicious.

Michael Gray: If I actually wasn’t a marketer, I would still be using Delicious just because it’s a really powerful tool. But I use a lot of the bookmarking sites, just because it works for me. I use Stumble Upon. I use Digg. I use Reddit. I use basically all just because it understands. And you have to understand that every site is different for different things. Again, there’s a big concentration on Dig of tech stories. If whatever you’re selling doesn’t happen to involve tech, Dig is probably not a good spot for you and Delicious is probably a better alternative. So you’ve got to try and figure out where does it fit best for you and then try and go after that.
Kara Ratfliff: Ok. What about the future of social media?
Michael Gray: We’re definitely in a growth stage. And I could see there’s lots of little sites out there. Just yesterday on Tech Crunch, they had about six or seven different celebrity fashion news Dig clones. Is there enough out there to support all of those? Probably not. Well, we’ll see some consolidation but at this point it’s really really early so it’s hard to say who’s going to come out the leader in all of that.
Kara Ratliff: Ok. Have you learned anything here that you would like to share with the viewers, maybe something unusual?

Michael Gray: I know a lot of the people here, most of the people speaking on the panel so we kind of have informal chats beforehand. So I don’t know that there’s anything that I didn’t learn. But if you’re not a big player in this space and you don’t have all these people on IM or on email, there’s probably a lot of things that you learned out here.
Kara Ratliff:
Alright. Thank you very much, Michael Gray. Reporting for WebProNews at SMX Social Media, I’m Kara Ratliff.

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